About 2m for software and web design

We are delighted that we take global standards approach and proof of the adoption of our sites and our software where we design and develop the professionalism and the creation of Internet sites for companies and administrative bodies systems Online Services Line "ERP System", and the design and programming of iPhone and Android applications and mobile applications systems in general, and e-marketing and online publicity sites and Hosting Services And management of the sites.

- 2m founded in Egypt in 2008 to officially be the best websites design company in Egypt and we are in order to be the best Internet Web Design Company Arab as we aim to reach the top 5 companies in the Arab delivering electronic applications and Internet services distinguished services in addition to the mobilization and management of content websites .
We are pleased that our people work Aktar of 500 projects during the past 6 years and strive towards greater proliferation and excellence And creativity ...

"Currently been involved with many companies design and programming in the Arab world."

To become one of the leading sites and applications, Android and iPhone solutions companies in the Middle East, and that we have a privileged position between design and programming firms Web sites and administrative regulations Pokerschool Where in the (Saudi Arabia - Egypt - Oman - Jordan - Kuwait - UAE).
Our services

Our motto

"Customer satisfaction is very aware"

2m for software and web design depends on customer satisfaction and make this policy is the fundamental task in relation to With its customers by providing the best solutions and technologies, as well as providing excellent service to our valued customers, particularly after sales, especially in mobile applications and smart phones this service in addition to the systems online Line where you need technical support and outstanding service for the development of Web sites is increasing interest in our customers and are distinct and witness our archive sites and designs on it.


"Excellence through Innovation"

Our vision of technological development beyond the current situation stages where we see that the web store more in the field of business Electronic And business networking, and that the only missing element to achieve this is the existence of sound ideas and thoughtful planning scientifically to achieve these aspirations, and this is what we have taken upon ourselves in the toe or software design Internet sites and as we strive to work android apps and distinct ideas Mbkatra reflect us as well as providing a new and distinct Online Systems

Our goals

"Baltdrick believe and strive towards achieving the goals"

  • access to the main target customers to (time -altklfah -jawdh) that the three standards are working hard to achieve them Customers
  • We respect the moral values ​​and the views of all customers and partners, and adopt goals as targets for us.
  • The long experience and the ongoing addition to continuing to stockpile accumulated knowledge updates we represent you entrance To achieve the requirement
  • access to the best 10 Arab companies in the design and programming of Web sites and software unique services .
  • to be one of the top 10 programming and design Mobile app companies in the Arab world.
  • to be the best official hosting company with providing the lowest prices on the most powerful hosting servers Global
  • to be the best programming mobile applications and smartphones Company
  • to be the best Internet services company in Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - UAE - Egypt - Jordan - Oman Oman

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