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Two or software
2m Software
Software and Business Solutions
Compatible with global search engines
Mobile Applications
Better quality and lower cost
تطبيقات الجوال الذكية
Work smart mobile applications
Best applications
Speed ​​in response
Stronger protection
And a clear program of how to promote the application of
تصميم وبرمجة مواقع الانترنت
Design and programming Web sites
High quality professional designs
Keep pace with technological advances
Programming languages ​​modern and secure
Linking the social networking site pages
برمجة الانظمة الاون لاين
Programming systems Pokerschool Line
Remote administration
Presented modern and sophisticated systems
Information and communication technology systems
Different systems electronicallyً
الدعايا عبر الواتس اب
Propaganda through August Alwats
New and modern way to communicate with customers
Send announcements and photos Vdyohat and Tekest
Transmitter to millions of figures
Inquiry guarantee access for each member in the list
إدارة المواقع الاون لاين
Management sites Pokerschool Line
Frbak stronger professional and high-tech
Administration continuous and distinct
Continuous update within the site
Linking your social networking sites
استضافة أمنة للموقع
Hosting safe sites
High-speed servers
Stronger protection for your site
Technical support for the duration of the contract 24 hours a day
Servers and plans NES
Showing legend Integrated Display legend has been prepared for this offer includes Site full of superior design and programming requirements Strong and secure in addition to hosting a gift Besides also book private Dominic And also a copy of the site on a mobile gift in addition to the use of Of technology in modern programming all this based on experience We have over five years in addition to the service
شركة توفير للاتصالات
Full site lowest prices
Features display legend
جديد الموقع

Scripts New Site

Been programmed scripts offer a new site in a manner To be very professional and have a distinct problem of light in the load You can through the admin panel in the control subjects
اقسام عرض الاسطورة

Add an unlimited number of sections

You can through the Control Panel Add sections Unlimited and you can also control the appearance In Home and arranged so
الموقع على الجوال

Site on mobile

The work of a special version of your site is working on tours Be very, very light, and the news show from which A simple and easy way of browsing devices Rangers Which helps to browse the site from all over the place At all times
اخبار الموقع

Site News bar

Urgent News bar in this tape show News Important and urgent, and you can through the Control Panel Control the appearance of the news in the future bar With the possibility of the emergence of non-urgent or bar debut of the foundation
مواقع التواصل الاجتماعى

Social networking sites

Linking your site social networking sites In terms of participation and comment while adding any content shows Automatically with Facebook and Twitter and this makes access Akhbarak The biggest slice of Visitors
تصاميم هدية لكم

3 designs gift to you

Zouk was taking into account the different was preparing your site More than 3 different colors and Zouk and you can choose what Doing work with very, very distinct possibility You change your logo with every occasion like Ramadan or Eid or any occasion
الموضوعات الذات صلة

Topics related to self

Where when viewed on any topic by Visitors shows the bottom of the topic related to the same topic topics This is a very unique property because it increases the number of Tcefhat Through the control panel you can control the topics relevant The topic or article added


In this section you can add an unlimited number of articles You can through the control panel coordinated as you want The essay can create an unlimited number of sections
مراعاة SEO والـ CSS

SEO in mind and CSS

Mraataha where they are in the design and programming to be more Visible in the global search engines Bearing in mind also that your site is very light in the download And fast browsing in using modern methods And advanced high technologies for cutting and installation
البوم الفيديو واليوتيوب

Album video and YouTube

The creation of a special channel on a special YouTube site And the addition of the site in which in addition to a A very distinct possibility you can add Vdyohat By raising the video of the device Directly to the site
التعليق على الموضوعات

Comment on topics

The possibility to comment on the topics by visitors through Site or through Facebook are distinct With a review of those comments by the administration And approval of the appearance as well as whether or not The amendment to the possibility of it
دعايا الواتس اب

Daia Alwats August

This is a special offer to our customers the way And reflect the best means of propaganda successful Pench 90 percent We work department to compile figures on Rangers Your site with the non-recurrence of these figures and their appearance is Salary will help you to send a new site and the site Daia
Vivid image of the control board
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة
  • لوحة تحكم عرض الاسطورة

How to look for site control panel legend?

The design and programming of the control panel, where we take into account the highest technology to be light And easy to use even if your capabilities was the work of a simple cognitive features Many time-saving as soon as you enter the control panel, and easy access to what you want

Ease of administration

Added, the amendment and the full control In the news sections, and pages, Correspondence and private and public, all of these Controls are one-click button

Add supervisors

The possibility of adding to the site supervisors through Control Panel and can be in Salehyat Each Musharraf separately in terms of Modification, addition or deletion
Other Features
Programming sections for a variety of advertising space in more than one place at the site on the home page and internal pages and you can through those advertising spaces And to participate in the Google Adsense and profit through those ads, too.
accurate statistics of the site entirely in terms of the number of visitors and most countries visit and also visit the most periods of work and a graph of visitors to the site.
activate the mailing list for the arrival of an email to the site links visitors even be in constant contact with visitors.
Photo Album Photo Album is designed for a very distinctive way, and you can control the images from the control panel and also add other sections.
the possibility of changing the control panel Arabic and English language.
of the possibilities of the control panel to take a backup copy of the database to ensure the conservation Aldata biz for the site.
You can through the control panel to send a message to visitors from the mailing list and you can identify one person or identify all visitors once.
the possibility of adding supervisors to Control Panel and identify each Salehyat Musharraf Add, modify, and delete.
temperatures in this last section temperatures for all countries shows a degree of its own heat Gesb displays entry device from any country.
poll can be through the work of a poll site visitors with the possibility of adding this property surveyed a large number of options.
View from our Ali legend
Important Notes
  • any other software can be added to the site at any time where they will be Ahzbha own requested by the client on the cost.
  • For the design, if you want a special design you will be the work of a very distinct design and offer you 3 examples Kprovh to choose from among them is calculated at 500 SR .
  • You can change the names of all sections, but keep the same style of script presentation.
  • Hosting We are pleased to offer you this for free just to display the legend gift area and the site domain.
  • to request special programming or special design or any other request, please communicate
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