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Service Mobile applications and smartphones

We have earmarked a special section for programming Mobile applications even make it easier to keep up with our customers and the latest means of communication and marketing for their service. We provide all the programming languages ​​for mobile phones: Android, iPhone and Blackberry IOs and Windows and Symbian. Be the hands of your customers .. More than 1.08 billion smart user of mobiles around the world So Tu or company interested in this service and provide the best price and the highest technical order now
خدمه تطبيقات الجوال والهواتف الذكية
Advantages of mobile applications and smartphones
design and programming of iPhone and iPad apps "iPhone and iPad Apps" on all versions.
design and programming Android applications, "Android Apps" on all versions And a variety of sizes
design and programming Alorendoz iPhone apps "Windows Phone Apps" on All versions.
design and programming of BlackBerry applications, "Blackberry Apps" at all Versions.
direct link applications with data management sites to ensure the synchronization of data between the site and the application.
enter purchase "In-App Purchases" on the application system.
Add "Image Gallery" photo gallery application. .
installation ads "Admob" on the application.
linking application service "Youtube Api" to view videos that descend on YouTube. Channels
input mapping system and measure distances on the application "Maps & GPS Directions "and its use in several areas
work for local application databases for applications that operate outside the network.
Mobile applications and smartphones prices according to the agreement and the requirements of the code
Some of our business
The most important benefits that you get through the Mobile app
  • build lasting loyalty between you and your customers.
  • promote your brand.
  • increase your visibility.
  • Increased access to you.
  • connect the movement and the movement of your customers the services provided to them.

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